GregSuj - Illustrations, Web design and other stuff related.

My name is Gregory, i'm a 25 y.o. self-taught and passionate French designerd living in Paris, Digital Art Director @isobar.

I master things like XHTML, HTML5, CSS3, I like to design websites,
create illustrations, icons, and discover new things.

I write , I post snapshots of what I'm working on (sometimes).

Since 2011, every time I travel I make a website (or a tumblr) (Canada, Berlin, London, Amsterdam) also here's my food blog and that's it for the bio part.

Also i'm a video game addict.

If you want my resumé, send me an .
Or there's an online page in which some infos are true.

Here's some of the clients & companies I worked for:

On this picture you can see a cat

And yes, I speak la France. Baguette, camembert.